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How To Contact Us?

We will reply to you within 1 business day if you send us the e-mail. Please e-mail us if you have any questions about us. It's the most efficient way to get problems solved.

For issues concerning orders and purchase, please contact: 

Reach us on Facebook, or Instagram.

Attention: please ensure your account email is right so that you will receive an order confirmation after placing an order successfully. Order details will be included, such as order number. Please check out your email carefully. If still not, pay attention to your spam and remove our email out of black list.

Tel: +44020 3286 6639 

Return will not be accepted without contacting our customer service.


Kindly note that there is only one Eavah and that is Please do not place orders on any site claiming to be Eavah using any different URL. We are not affiliated in any way with those sites.